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Glossary of Archery Terms -

ANCHOR POINT - More correctly know as reference point, which is a constant point on the archers face to which the loosing hand and string is drawn (Corner of mouth)

ARCHERS PARADOX - The apparent peculiarity of the way an arrow flexes and bends around the bow yet maintains accuracy

ARROW REST - The shelf on which the arrow rests during the draw

BACK OF BOW - The face of the bow which is on the opposite side to the string

BELLY OF THE BOW - The face of the bow on the same side as the string

BOSS / BUTT - The block of layered foam to which the target face is pinned

BOW HAND - The hand in which the bow is supported

BOW ARM - The arm that corresponds to the bow hand

BOW STRING - The chord or string on which the arrow is placed for shooting

BOW WINDOW - (1) The section of riser just above the handle which is cut away to allow the arrow  rest to be nearer the centre line of the bow.  (2) The space between the bow and the string at full draw through which the archer may be incorrectly sighting

BRACE - To string the bow

BRACER - A guard worn on the inside of the bow arm to hold clothing clear of the string and to protect the forearm from string slap

COCK FEATHERS - The odd coloured feather at right angles to the string

COMPOUND BOW - A bow whose efficiency is enhanced by the use of cams or wheels

CREEPING - Allowing the arrow to move forward from full draw before being loosed

DOMINANT EYE - the eye which is strongest and is used for aiming

DRAW - The act of extending the bow arm whilst drawing the bow string back

DRAW WEIGHT - The amount of force required to pull the string from rest to full draw

FAST - The warning cry used to stop shooting in and emergency

FINGER TAB or GLOVE - A shield worn on the loosing fingers to protect them from string friction whilst shooting

FLETCHINGS - A collective word to describe feathers or vanes on an arrow

FLETCHING JIGG - A device used to ensure the fletchings are fixed equidistant around an arrow shaft

NOCKS - (1) The grooves at the end of the bow limbs to which the string is fitted

   (2) The plastic fitting behind the fletchings which slips onto the bow string

NOCKING POINT - The point on the bow string where the nock of the arrow is located to shoot

NOCK (TO) - The act of locating the arrow onto the nocking point on the string

OVER BOWED - To use a bow with too heavy a draw weight

PILE / POINT - The metal device at the leading end of the an arrow

RISER - The centre section of a bow

SERVING - The thread that is wound around the bow string to prevent it fraying

SPINE - The measured ability of an arrow to bend

UNDER BOWED - To use a bow with too light a bow weight

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Know Your Equipment

The Arrow
Parts of the Bow
Setting up the Bow [1]
Setting up the Bow [2]
Archery Equipment

The Etiquette of Archery

A good archer:-

-          Will at all times observe the safety rules

-          Will listen attentively to the coach and not disrupt coaching sessions

-          Does not touch other people’s equipment without permission

-          Will offer to pay for any damage he or she causes to another’s arrows immediately, except damage due to arrows colliding in the target

-          Does not distract other archers whilst they are shooting by talking to them or any other archer

-          Will assist with scoring and other housekeeping duties i.e. setting up and taking down

-          Does not touch arrows in the target until all scoring is completed

-          Be at all times courteous to others

Field archery supplement

-          Will not attempt to shoot any animal or bird, or anything other than designated targets

-          Will respect the environment, flora and fauna

-          Does not discuss distances with any other archer

-          Does not leave litter

Archers should try to make every shot the best one that he or she has ever made and not be prepared to loose an arrow if he or she is not entirely sure that they have done everything within their capability to achieve that end.

Archery is a sport in which achievement is directly proportional to personal effort, application and attention.

Remember, expensive equipment cannot make a poor archer into a good one but a good archer can make even the most basic equipment shoot well.

The bottom line is any bow, if it could shoot itself, would repeat the perfect shot every time. It is the archers input that makes any shot imperfect.

Oh and by the way, I forgot to point out that archery is fun. None of us do it because we have to; we do it for the love of the sport. Whatever your aspirations or achievements are, you are at liberty to, and are supposed to, enjoy you archery.

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