Statement from Committee. 28 July 2011


Following last weeks committee meeting it has been decided to trial a Family Concession on the £1 shooting fee, starting from Sunday 31 July 2011. Therefore any family coming to shoot does not have to pay £1 for their child at any session.


Any senior member will have the opportunity to comment on this trial when it is discussed at the AGM, where it will be altered, ratified or removed.



Janet Ridal


Shooting other than Wednesday evenings & Sunday afternoons


Pennington Archers Club members may now shoot during all daylight hours on any Wednesday, Friday or Sunday, subject to following the additional rules below. Normal shooting fee rates apply to all days: i.e. £1 per person for part or whole day.


‘Traditional’ shooting hours remain unchanged: a committee member will be present to open the club hut and act as duty officer on Wednesdays (from 19.00 till dusk), and Sundays (from 13.00hrs to 16.00hrs).


Outside of these hours there may be no committee member present so don’t expect the hut to be open to make a drink etc but you still must sign in using the little book that is in the “bird box” near the ladies toilet door.


Also in addition to all other club and NFAS rules, follow the rules below:



.        Only Pennington Archers Club Members who hold full NFAS membership may be present in the woods


.         The woods may only be occupied during daylight hours


.         Archers cannot shoot alone. There must be at least 2 archers present at all times.


.         Junior archers must be accompanied by a senior archer.


.         As always archers must carry NFAS card, whistle but out of traditional hours and at least one member of the group must also carry a mobile phone


.         ‘Caution Archery in Progress’ signs (x2) must be placed at entrance gate to woods on arrival and removed by the last archers to leave.


.         Sign in and out in the book provided specifying times of arrival and departure.


.         Follow the laid course and only shoot the laid course



If there is no committee member present archers should pay their shooting fees at the next traditional shooting period.