Pennington Archers Spring Open Shoot Report - March 2012

If ever there was an ideal day for archery, this was it. A fresh, misty morning heralded the perfect sunny day. It was technically the first day of summer, and with temperatures well into double figures it certainly felt like it.  But of course, overnight, the clocks had gone forward, and with some of the archers coming from as far afield as North Wales, Scotland and Durham we held our breath and hoped they hadn’t slept in. We needn’t have worried, for more than 90 archers arrived on time, lured by the promise of bacon butties, a challenging course, and good company.

With a course designed to test the mettle of every archer and take advantage of the beautiful Lakeland views, those present rose to the challenge and earned some excellent scores. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, with good natured banter and laughter [and the odd curse] heard throughout the wood.

A very big thank you to all the archers that attended; your presence at the shoot made the design and laying of the course worth the effort. And of course, another thank you to the course layers and other Pennington Archers that made it all possible.

In the words of a fellow archer, perched on the banking, his bow propped lazily against his leg, waiting to shoot… “What better way is there to spend a Sunday?”   We couldn’t agree more.





Michael Kirkman        Owlet                          790

Mike Thomson            N.Lakes                       720

Marc Britton               Riggwelter                  708


Yvonne Farrar             S. Cheshire                  548

Junior U/12 Boy

Aiden Bibby               Olde Delph                 660


Hunting Tackle


Peter Taylor                 Hollywood                  732

Paul Caddick              Duvelle                        658 (4 spots)

David Lyons               Hollywood                  658 (1 spot)


Lin Turton                   N.Lakes                       488

Junior U/16 Boy

Sam Birgin                  Independent                642



Compound Unlimited


Chris Greenfield         Olde Delph                 984

Jon Bagnall                 Lyme Valley Archers  980

Denis Groom               Old Kirk Bowmen      978


Pauline Wilson            Old Braidlie Archers   856

Junior U/12 Boy

Thomas Groom           Old Braidlie Archers   866




Barry Weldon             Old Delph                   680


Kim Armitage             Salamander                 570


Compound Limited


Martin Williams          Foxhill                         910


Bow Hunter


Gary Harrt                   Hawke Archers           898

Roy Guilliam               Foxhill                         814

Michael Devine           Storm                          796


Ann Fuller                   Foxhill                         728




Colin Bowes               N. Lakes                      956


Barbara Morriss           Hollywood                  544




Rod Jacques                Storm                          622

John Dorning              Old Delph                   616

Mark Lewis                 S. Cheshire                  614


Freya Wise                  Kendal                                    408